Beautiful and Unique Angel Tattoo Design


Here's a gentle and beautiful angel tattoo design for those ladies who want to keep things simple. I really like this design simply because when I look at this, I feel that I have suddenly fallen in love with this angel. She is gives me a feeling of love, caring and gentleness that I simply will not be able to find anywhere. This one I really recommend for the ladies

Angel Tattoo for the Hip


This is a very nice angel tattoo with flowers that looks cool on the hips. Perfect for the ladies who love to wear bikini or tube tops!

Cute Angel Girl Tattoo


This is a very cute angel tattoo that is perfect for almost anywhere in the body. It looks best on the chest or on the arm. Want to have little Alycia on your arm? She's cute isn't she?

Sexy Angel Tattoo


This is such an sexy angel tattoo. I like how the tattoo shows the partial nipple of the angel. That's just HOT! The colorful wings of the tattoo is also very sexy as well!!

Alien Attack Building Tattoo


An alien tattoo design showing a bunch of flying saucers attacking a building. I think this is a pretty nice tattoo. What are your ideas on this one?

Cool Alien Tattoo Design


This is a very cool alien tattoo design. I think this must be the same alien from the series "alien vs predictor". I love the way they made the alien hugging and attacking that helpless man. I think this would look great if they added some nice colors to it as well.. but of course it's fine the way it is right now.

Front Face Alien Tattoo


This is a design that features an alien looking straight out at you from someone's arm. The front face of this alien tattoo is very well done. I like the aggressiveness of this design and how it stretches up towards the shoulder blades and toward the neck. The forehead of the alien also rests nicely on the shoulders which gives the design a more physical dimension.